Anticipatory regulations: JUDICIAL CAMERAS

Last Updated on 10 February 2018 @ 09:57:50

Waiting for the official publication of the 2018 RDS on the ACI SPORT website, here is a preview of one of this year's novelties: the JUDICIAL CAMERAS.
Now used in recent times in all foreign championships and from this year required in the FIA CEZ RX Championship, the use of the camera will be mandatory for the Italian Rallycross Championship, to ensure that there is spectacle, but in accordance with the rules.
Below is the extract from the 2018 RDS.

It is compulsory to install a camera (Judicial camera) on the car, positioned to record track and steering wheel, for the duration of the event. The penalty for non-compliance will be at the discretion of the Stewards and may go as far as disqualification from the event. The weight of the camera is included in the minimum weight of the car. It is the responsibility of each competitor to ensure that the camera is correctly positioned, and that the battery and memory card are sufficient to record in HD all free practice, qualifying, semi-finals and finals sessions. The camera must be switched on when the car enters the pre-event and can only be switched off on its return to the paddock.
Only the Stewards of the event will have access to the images.