Italian RX Championship, Melk doubles!

Last Updated on 8 January 2020 @ 15:58:07

Seven rounds of the Tricolour Rallycross series

The year 2020 begins and immediately comes a great and beautiful news for the Italian Championship Rallycross ACI Sport powered by Toyo Tires.

Round will not be six, as previously announced, but seven! seven!

All this will be possible possible thanks to the enthusiasm of our friends from Melk, who will organise two separate weekend of 2/3 May will organise two separate races, one on Saturday and one on Sunday, with one on Saturday and one on Sunday, with the track in two different conformations, thus offering the the possibility of running two races on the same weekend!

The Calendar of the Italian RX Championship becomes accordingly:

  1. 12/13 April in Maggiora Offroad Arena - Maggiora (NO)
  2. 2nd May in Wachauring - Melk (AUT) - Coefficient 2
  3. 3rd May at Wachauring Zwei - Melk (AUT)
  4. 6/7 June in Maggiora Offroad Arena Reverse - Maggiora (NO)
  5. 31 July/1 August at Adria International Raceway - Adria (RO) - Night Race - Also valid for FIA CEZ Championship and Austrian Championship
  6. 12/13 September at Ittiri Rally Arena - Ittiri (SS) - Coefficient 2
  7. 17/18 October in Maggiora Offroad Arena - Maggiora (NO) - Coefficient 2 - Also valid for the FIA CEZ Championship

The test of the Wachauring race on Saturday 2 May will have a coefficient of 2, while that of the 3rd will have a coefficient of 1. coefficient 1.

With the addition of and thanks to the discount system provided by Sport Club Maggiora, promoter of the Championship. Maggiora, promoter of the Championship, the drivers who register for the entire championship by 15 January will be able to run as many as 7 tests by paying the subscription actually only 5 rounds!

"We immediately accepted - explains Sport Club Maggiora president Riccardo Fasola - the proposal from Melk. Melk: our championship will have a further touch of internationality and, with the double our championship will have an additional international touch and, with the double test, the Austrian Whoever wants to do well in the championship must come to Austria and get lots of points! and get lots of points! Moreover, in this way, the Tricolour Championship becomes more and more attractive to the drivers who take part in it. also attractive to drivers participating in the Austrian Championship, since there will be three there will be three concomitances, the two events of Melk and Adria.