Just a few more hours to join and experience 7 months of adrenaline!

Last Updated on 30 January 2020 @ 17:49:12

Until 31 January it is possible to register in one go for the tricolour

An important moment is approaching important moment in the ACI Sport Italian Rallycross Championshipis approaching. Sport powered by Toyo Tires.

Tomorrow, Friday Tomorrow, Friday31 January, the deadline for registering for the Championship in a single The registration, which in this way has a lower total cost than that of those who have opted for the than those who have decided to opt for the three-payment solution, will give the possibility to live 7 months of adrenaline, thanks to 7 rounds around Italy and beyond. Italy and beyond, with hard-fought and highly spectacular races for both racers and spectators. for both racers and spectators!

It will be possible It will also be possible to register for one or more of the races on the calendar. below:

  1. 12/13 April in Maggiora Offroad Arena - Maggiora (NO)
  2. 2nd May in Wachauring - Melk (AUT) - Coefficient 2
  3. 3rd May at Wachauring Zwei - Melk (AUT)
  4. 6/7 June in Maggiora Offroad Arena Reverse - Maggiora (NO)
  5. 31 July/1 August at Adria International Raceway - Adria (RO) - Night Race - Also valid for FIA CEZ Championship and Austrian Championship
  6. 12/13 September at Ittiri Rally Arena - Ittiri (SS) - Coefficient 2
  7. 17/18 October at Maggiora Offroad Arena - Maggiora (NO) - Coefficient 2 - Valid also for the FIA CEZ Championship

As already As already widely announced, all the categories already foreseen for 2019 have been confirmed. 2019, with one important novelty: the RX 5 category has been created, which will will allow an even easier transition from Rally to Rallycross.

"It will be - says Riccardo Fasola, president of Sport Club Maggiora, promoter of the Championship - an a season even richer in emotions and adrenaline than the one just ended. just ended. As Sport Club Maggiora we have made a great effort in terms of organisation and communication, and we have and communication efforts, and we have noticed a growing interest on the part of drivers. drivers. The confirmation of Adria and Melk, even with two trials, and the entry of The confirmation of Adria and Melk, even with two trials, and the entry of Ittiri, also confirm the increasingly strong appreciation by the public and the insiders". and professionals".

All registration entry information is available on the renewed rxitalia.comwebsite.