The first weekend of the Italian RX Championship closes with Round 2

Last Updated on 13 September 2020 @ 21:13:13

Great emotions at Maggiora Offroad Arena

Another great day of sport today at the Maggiora Offroad Arena for Round 2 of the Italian Rallycross Championship ACI Sport powered by Toyo Tires. The 42 drivers involved in the different categories did not spare themselves, giving great emotions to those who were able to watch the race live on Facebook; the event in fact had to be held behind closed doors.


The Swedish driver with Italian licence Oscar Ortfeldt is back to the success after two years, driving his black Ford Fiesta to the victory with a time of 4'46"042; second position, at 1"081, for yesterday's winner Luciano Cobbe, with his Kia Rio. To underline the performance of Ivan Carmellino, who despite being left with only the third gear, managed to finish in third position with a time of 5'02"386.


No rivals Yuri Belevskiy (Audi A1): today the Swiss driver won all the Qs and the final with a time of 4'38"343; second position, at a fair distance - 4"586 - for his team mate Nils Volland (Audi A1). The third step of the podium went, as yesterday, to the very young Jiri Susta (Skoda Fabia) in 4'45"273.


Roman Castoral and his Opel Astra OPC repeated yesterday's success and became the big favourites to win the Italian class championship. The Czech driver won in 5'00"769. Marco Nicolini, definitely growing with his Peugeot 208, takes again the second place in 5'10"043. Tonight there will be celebrations at Nicolini's home, because Marco's brother Mattia (Citroen AX) took the third position with a time of 5'20"489.


After some minor difficulties in adapting Simone Firenze gradually took the measures of his new Semog Bravo and won with a time of 4'33"706. Second position, just 0"389, for Marcello Gallo (Lifelive TN5), while the third place went to Gabriele Zoppetti who finished at 1"234 from the winner.

These gaps are enough to show how hard fought the whole round was.

Marcello Gallo, however, has the satisfaction of having set a new track record, breaking the wall of 43": 42"992 was the time set in free practice by the driver from Gozzano.

Appointment 17/18 October

Round 3 and 4 will be held in mid-October: there may be changes in the race programme, which will be announced soon.