Italian Championship RX 2021, Round 5 concluded

Last Updated on 1 August 2021 @ 22:07:04

A day full of surprises and twists at the Castelletto Circuit

The weather was the main protagonist of the day with the sun alternating with rain and wind, causing many problems to organizers and drivers: in the end it was still a great day of sport and Round 5, which we remind you had Coefficient 1.5 and was also valid for the FIA CEZ and the Austrian Championship, confirmed once again the great spectacularity of Rallycross.


Zbigniew Staniszewski (Ford Fiesta RX) won the Supercar final with a convincing performance; second place went to the experienced Austrian Alois Holler (Ford Fiesta), while third went to home driver Rosario Corallo (Subaru Impreza).

Among the RX5 nice debut victory for Gian Maria Gabbiani (Peugeot 208 T16 R5), who at the start had a better start than Davide Riccio (Hyundai i20), the best in the Q, and has not left the first position. Third place for Lucamaria Rizzello Peugeot 208 T16 R5.

Super 1600

Splendid victory for the Czech Libør Teješ (Audi A1, Under 18), who just in the final managed to win over a very good Balázs Körmöczi (HUN, Suzuki Swift), after the latter had won all the Qs. Third step of the podium for Austrian Dominik Senegacnik (VW Polo).


First, historic female victory in the Italian Rallycross Championship: Austrian Nadine Kellner (Peugeot 106) won with great authority the STC - 1600 category, ahead of her compatriots Richard Forster (VW Polo) and Georg Gundacker (Peugeot 106).

In the STC-2000 category, the Czech Roman Castoral (Opel Astra OPC) did not miss the appointment with the victory. He triumphed in the final, after winning all the Qs, ahead of the Hungarian Zoltán Held (Peugeot 208 RC) and the Austrian Kejio "Keke" Platzer on Honda Civic Type R.

Austrian dominance in the STC+ Category: Austrian Thomas Handlos (Honda Civic) won ahead of none other than Karl Schadenhofer (Volkswagen Golf 4) and Hans Eigenbauer (Skoda Fabia Mk1).


Very important victory in view of the championship for Marco Berniga, who with his Planet Kart Cross K3 preceded the young (Under 18) Belgian Kobe Pauwels (Lifelive TN5).

At the moment, the ranking for the third place is sub judice: confirmation of the ranking will be given in the next communications.

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