Further strengthening of relations with Austria and Europe

Last Updated on 20 February 2019 @ 14:41:07

After the announcement in which the Austrian track of Melk declared to welcome with open arms the Italian RX Championship, the works continued in that direction and we are proud of what, thanks to the strong
understanding Italy/Austria we were able to organize.
Round 5 of the Italian RX will be the theatre for the final of the Austrian Championship, which will be held on the Piedmontese track of the Maggiora Offroad Arena.
More and more Europe, because the race will also be titled CEZ with the final of the Central European Championship.
Riccardo Fasola, president of SCM Maggiora says: "Finally the collaboration between Organisers and Federations is bearing fruit. During the race in October, valid as the penultimate round of the Italian Rx, we will have the honour of hosting on our track, the final of the Austrian Championship, with whose organisation we have established a close relationship of understanding, strengthened by the mutual passion for this sport; the race will also have European status as it will see the final of the FiA CEZ".

What can I say... the show will be assured, for a race in which our bearers will be able to challenge drivers from all over Europe such as Holler, Ekker, Spitzumuller, Karai, Ratasky and "CsuCsu" just to mention the most famous ones, but also drivers that the Italian public has already been able to know, one among all the multi champion Roman Castoral, then Schadenofer, Cerveny, Krejcik and Dirnberger.

As far as the Italian Championship is concerned, RX Italia is working at 110% for a 2019 calendar that can give even more image and prestige to rallycross, a sport that slowly, even in Italy, everyone is starting to know and appreciate.