Italian Championship RX 2022, it's already time for Round 2!

Last Updated on 8 April 2022 @ 16:34:25

The classic Easter Monday event arrives

One of the most awaited moments of the Maggiora Offroad Arena season is approaching! Easter and Easter Monday will be as always under the sign of motorsport thanks to the classic appointment with the Italian Rallycross Championship, organized by Sport Club Maggiora: for years this was the opening round of the Tricolour RX, in 2022 it was preceded by the test of Ittiri.

Finally, after a two-year stop due to COVID, the Swiss Autocross Championship (SAV) will also return, an event that adds a further touch of spectacle to the weekend at the Maggiora Offroad Arena.

There are already many drivers registered and it is expected to be a very close race not only in Kartcross, where all will challenge the winner of Round 1 Marcello Gallo, but also in RX5, a category in which the winner of Ittiri, Gian Maria Gabbiani, will have to deal with several opponents. Expectation also for the newborn category STC 1600 - where several duels are expected. Finally, there will be the welcome return of Side By Side.

All categories will be presented in detail in a future press release.

The programme

The highlight of the event, which will start on Saturday 16 April, will be on Sunday 17, with at 12.00 the SAV Heat 1, at 16.00 the RX Q1 and followed by the SAV Heat 2, but above all on Monday 18: at 9.00 the RX Q2, at 10.00 the SAV Heat 3, at 11.00 the RX Q3, at 14.00 the RX Q4, at 15.15 the RX Semifinals and follow the SAV and RX Finals.

New speaker for the Italian Rallycross Championship

Starting from Round 2, Tommy Rossi will entertain the public at the Tricolore RX racetracks: a radio speaker since 1976, he is passionate about motors and has more than 45 years of collaboration with radio stations, first in Lombardy, where he was born, and then in Sardinia, where he moved in 1986. From the radio to the stage, the step was short, with the conduction of many concerts and musical events. Artistic Director of the Mirtò Festival and Coordinator of the Mario Cervo Discographic Prize since 2016, in recent years he has been called upon as a sports speaker in various disciplines and has developed a great knowledge of motorsport.

Welcome to the big family of the Maggiora Sport Club!

Tickets already on sale

At last the public can once again crowd the grandstands of the Maggiora Offroad Arena in (almost) complete freedom, among other things at very affordable prices: €20.00 for the weekend and €15.00 for Monday only. Admission for children up to 13 years of age is free.