Registration opens for Tricolor 2023!

Last Updated on January 30, 2023 @ 09:19:17

This is it!

Registration is now open for the Italian Rallycross Championship, also run for 2023 by the Maggiora Sport Club. At all the information is available to register for the Championship, which is growing year by year and is set to experience an exciting 2023 season.

New categories and regulatory updates

Adding further momentum to the CIRX will be the introduction of a new category, the Sport RX, which will feature cars, made specifically for the championship, with two-wheel drive with engines that can also be motorcycle-derived and tubular chassis, with an exterior appearance resembling that of a mass-produced model.

All the categories already present last season have also been confirmed.

In other regulatory aspects, after last year's introduction of the participation bonus of 10 points, points will also be awarded for the first three fastest laps in each category; 3 points to the best lap, 2 points to the second fastest lap and one point to the third fastest lap, respectively.

In contrast, the system of awarding other scores is unchanged.

"We are happy," says Sport Club Maggiora president Riccardo Fasola, "with the introduction of the new category, thanks to a good team effort that made it possible to quickly draft the regulations. We are sure that this category will help the spectacularity of the championship."

A rich calendar

The CIRX 2023 will feature no less than eight rounds, with the classic Easter Monday opening in Maggiora, a thrilling weekend with a double event in Sardinia, the return of the highly acclaimed Night Race, the debut of the Pomposa (FE) track and the return of the trip to Austrian soil, this time in Fuglau. Here is the complete calendar

  • April 9/10 Maggiora Offroad Arena (Maggiora, NO)
  • April 29 Ittiri Rally Arena (Ittiri, SS) - Coeff. 2
  • April 30 Ittiri Rally Arena Reverse (Ittiri, SS)
  • May 26/27 Maggiora Offroad Arena Reverse - Night Race (Maggiora, NO)
  • July 8/9 Pomposa Circuit (Pomposa, FE)
  • Sept. 2/3 MJP Racing Arena F uglau (Fuglau, Austria) - Coeff. 1.5
  • October 21/22 Maggiora Offroad Arena (Maggiora, NO) - Coeff 1.5
  • Nov. 4/5 Castelletto Circuit (Castelletto di Branduzzo, PV) - Coeff 2